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sterling adventure club

Meet our staff!

This is Mr. Richard. He is the Site Coordinator for Sterling Adventure Club, as well as the STEAM Program Specialist. He’s been with Adventure Club for almost 6 years. He graduated UCM with a Masters in Teaching, a Bachelor’s in Science, and a Minor in Forensics.

He has 3 kids in each level of school. He’s into all types of card games, board games, and digital games. He is also a big fan of tabletop-style gaming, miniatures, and roleplaying games. He streams on Twitch and also enjoys scuba diving.

This is Ms. Trish. She is our Sterling Front Desk. She recently achieved her AA in Journalism, and she is looking to go back to school to get her Bachelor’s. She has three dogs: Roxy, Lily, and Jack. She enjoys hiking, biking, and singing in her off time, as well as enjoying all things Stephen King.

She’s new to Adventure Club, but she loves listening to the kids talk about their days and what they learned.  

If there’s one thing she wants the kids to know, it’s this: don’t let the actions of others dictate your own - you can’t control how others treat you, but you can control how you treat others.

This is Ms. Nikki. She is our lead mentor for Sterling Adventure Club. She works with the 4th and 5th graders. She is currently attending UCM and pursuing her degree in psychology. She has a cat named Natasha and she got engaged this summer! 

Her favorite color is orange and she loves ice cream. This is her second year with Adventure Club and she is happy to be back in person with the kids. She’s ready for a great year!

This is Hayden. They are a mentor at Sterling Adventure Club. They attending UCM and pursuing a degree in Middle School Speech and Theatre with a minor in Special Education.

Their favorite movie is Coco, and they were born and raised in KC (GO CHIEFS!). They love spending time at Adventure Club with the students and are very grateful to hang out with the kids!